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03-06-2010, 23:25
Тебе же написано в свободной форме
Я Максим Калинин корректное написание моих личных данных: Maksim Kalinin.
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03-06-2010, 23:30
Май нейм из Мэксим Кэлыниииин.Айм фром Раша.Айм фонд оф вотка,рашн проститутс энд биг мани. Ноу мани ноу хани. Лэтс дэнс,бейба.
Заявление составлено собственноручно и верно. Подпесь,пещать.

03-06-2010, 23:31
Братишка, спасибо :)
скинь номер мобилы в личку, закину рублей 100)))

03-06-2010, 23:34
Вот ты смешной парень))))

03-06-2010, 23:41
Не довелось мне еще заявления писать) а тут срочно понадобилось..

04-06-2010, 00:57

4930 Sherman Avenue
Studio City, CA 91478

October 8, 199x

Mr. Michael Tarkanian
Vice President, Personnel
Target Department Stores
637 South Lucas Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dear Mr. Tarkanian:

Since I have focused my education and training on retail management, your advertisement for a management trainee, appearing October 7 in Section F of the Los Angeles Times, captured my attention.

Recent sales and management experience at Rike’s Department Store enabled me to develop the interpersonal and supervisory skills specified in the Target advertisement. I started as a salesperson and was soon promoted to assistant manager, a position demanding initiative and responsibility.

In addition to this experience, I am enrolled at Valley Community College and expect to receive an associate’s degree in June. In my marketing major, I successfully completed courses in marketing, management, microcomputing, and communication, earning a 3.5 grade-point average in my major.

Please examine the attached resume for details of my qualifications. At your request, I would be pleased to provide the names of individuals who could verify my education, skills, and performance.

I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you now my background and training could contribute to Target Department Stores. Please call me at (818) 359-9920 to arrange an interview at your convenience.



04-06-2010, 01:10
Забыл добавить: Айм тревел ту ривэ

04-06-2010, 14:25
такой талант пропадает.

04-06-2010, 14:45
Сискэ Пискэ Матрэшке Поварешкэ можно еще добавить:D

04-06-2010, 15:20
коркин :D:D