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influencing the eventual outcome of the project. This review begins with definitions of the terminology used, followed by an overview of the discussion and scholarship salient to competence.
Human resource development literature in the late 1990s focused on providing clarification and refinement to the original definition offered by the authors associated with making the assessment of competency an HR focal point, David McClelland and Richard Boyatzis. McClelland advocated the measurement of competence as a substitute for IQ and aptitude testing as a predictor of job performance in the early 1970s. A decade later, Boyatzis (1982), applying the concept of competence specific to managers, defined competency as

an underlying characteristic of a person
.including motives, traits, skills, aspects of one’s self-image or social role, or a body of knowledge which he or she uses.

The all-inclusive nature of this definition resulted in a spate of articles by HR scholars that attempted to delineate and differentiate between the concepts included in Boyatzis’ global list.
Woodruffe (1991) suggested that the term competence could be applied in a job-related sense (area of competence) and/or in a person-related sense (competency). In the former instance, he referring to the overall ability to perform a job competently; in the latter, he refers to ..

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